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Our goal is to improve your Physician Revenues through Innovation, Integrity, Stewardship, Trust, Transparency and Continuity.  We are a results oriented organization dedicated to providing the revenue solutions that will make Physicians financially successful.


The key to a successful medical business are accurate and timely billing, consistant and effective collections,  and innovative, ethical coding practices.  These key items assure revenue stability, and affordability to manage your practice overhead to provide optimal care for your patients. 


If you have not had an increase in your revenue within the past 24 months, or have had an increase in the age or amount of receivables, there may be an underlying problem not identified by your current billing provider.   Should this be the case,  PRSG can review your status reports, provide an analysis of clear findings, identify key issues within your current billing trends, and transparently develop a "strategic plan" with measures to increase your medical business revenue.  


For Our clients it is SIMPLE : Strategize  Innovatively  Manage  Profits with Less  Expense.  


PRSG, Inc. exemplifies integrity in the healthcare industry with years of experience

physicians can trust.


Billing & Collection Services


Providing medical professionals scalable billing and collection services at competitive pricing with transparent results.  


PRSG provides monthly reports to its customers that clearly explain the revenue cycle, billing and collections.






Providing the value added service of credentialing with insurance providers and managed care contracts.  


Assuring you are updated on required quarterly updates and provider reporting.

Innovative Solutions


Inclusive services to provide physicians and groups with full circle solutions that compliment to your billing and revenue streams.


Physician practice financial analysis that includes informative insights by using key performance indicators measured against national benchmarks of similar practices.


Innovative Coding and Practice Operational Analysis through PRSG strategic partners.

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